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Membership with Manchester Ski Club

Manchester Ski Club offers the following types of membership for either families or singles.

The following specific guidelines have been established in regard to club membership.

Membership Requirements:

In general new members must live within the local area to encourage participation in club meetings and functions.

Additionally, to promote the community focus of the club, new members are required to fulfill a new membership initiation by either attending 3 club meetings or completing 1 initiation work-job (generally a lodge work weekend unit).

These requirements are independent of fees or work units performed to cover lodge use. A work unit is based on 8 hours of Board approved work per single membership and 16 hours per family membership.

Examples of work-jobs are:

This work-job does not qualify as a lodge work unit. If there are unique reasons why a new member is unable to comply with the work-job/attendance rule they may request an exception in writing from the BOD. The BOD will vote to determine if the exception is to be granted. The BOD should provide the new membership with a letter at the end of the first year if the new membership is at risk of not satisfying new membership requirements.

For more information: contact our membership chairperson


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