Lift Tickets

One of Manchester Ski Club’s best membership perks is lift ticket discounts. You can buy vouchers for approximately 30-40% less than what you’d pay at the ticket window. The percentage discount varies from mountain to mountain. The above range applies to an adult, weekend lift ticket.  

Here’s how it works

Every September, the ski club sends out a form to all members offering the opportunity to purchase vouchers in advance for the upcoming ski season.  Members can order vouchers for a variety of popular mountains. The ski club collects all the orders and buys the vouchers in bulk via the Connecticut Ski Council. You pay for the vouchers in advance, the club gives you the vouchers at the beginning of the ski season, and then you redeem a voucher at the mountain’s lift ticket window on the day you’re going to go skiing.  

If you have any vouchers left over at the end of the season, you can return them to the ski club and apply them towards purchasing next year’s vouchers. There are no refunds. However, you can sell vouchers to other ski club members. This is common among members who need vouchers and members who have extra vouchers. The club’s ticket sales chairperson attempts to facilitate this process by helping to communicate requests to buy/sell vouchers among members. New members who join mid-season can sometimes buy vouchers from other members who may have extras.

Only ski club members can use the vouchers. They are not transferable to non-members. Lift ticket counter personnel at the mountains can and will ask to see your ski club membership card at the time you redeem your voucher for a lift ticket. If a non-member attempts to use a voucher and is caught, and you were the one who provided the voucher to the non-member, your club membership will be revoked.

There are a few other rules that are described in the MSC handbook, voucher order form, and in the form used to return unused vouchers at the end of the season for credit towards next season’s vouchers.


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