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Our Lodge in Ludlow, VT

The Blake House

  • In 1968 the Club bought a wonderful old house on Pleasant Street and converted it into a Lodge, which its members use year-round. 
  • The house was named “The Blake House” in memory of Robert W. Blake, an avid skiier, long time member, past treasurer, and many times past president, who dedicated much of his time and many of his efforts to the Manchester Ski Club.
  • The lodge is located at 4 Pleasant Street in Ludlow, Vermont
    • Near the base of Okemo Mountain,
    • Approximately 125 miles from the Hartford area
    • Approximately an hour away from Killington, Pico and Bromley ski areas.
  • The Lodge is a regular stop for the Okemo shuttle. This weekend bus service makes for an easy trip to Okemo.
  • Our year–round Lodge use is available by reservation and payment of an annual Lodge fee & nightly fee.

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 Reservations for the Blake House

  •   Membership is required 
  • Advanced reservations are a must, and required, to stay at the house. 
  • Bring your own bedding (pillow, blankets or sleeping bag) and bath towels, aside from all personal items like soap, shampoo etc.
  • Please use the rear entrance.
  • No smoking of any kind or open flame in the building.
  • Quiet hours 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.


Cars must be parked in accordance to the parking diagram posted at the lodge.


  • Large kitchen with two stoves, two microwave ovens, several refrigerators
  • Living room and dining room
  • Recreation room for youth
  • Ski maintenance facilities
  • Sleeping quarters for 50 members

In Town:

  • Miscellaneous shops
  • Laundromats
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas station
  • A wide variety of restaurants
  • Night life