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Membership Waiver form for 2024-2025 season.

Acknowledgment of Responsibility and Release of Liability Liability Release, Indemnity Agreement and Code of Conduct

  1. I acknowledge that skiing and its related activities are hazardous and can result in damage, injury and/or death. I have considered these facts and am making a voluntary choice to participate in these activities despite the risks that are present. In consideration for being permitted to participate, I agree to assume any and all risks of damage, injury and/or death that might be associated with or result from my participation in these activities.
  2. In consideration of my participation in these activities sponsored by the Manchester Ski Club, I hereby release from liability and agree to indemnify and hold harmless and to forever discharge the organizers and sponsors of these activities and the following parties: The Manchester Ski Club and it’s Board of Directors, including all affiliated organizations, their officers, agents and employees from any and all responsibility, liability, claims and demands whatsoever for any damage, loss, expense, delay, injury, sickness, activities that are in any way connected with any membership or participation in Manchester Ski Club activities.
  3. I have carefully read and understand this agreement and all of its terms. I understand that this agreement is a release of liability that will legally prevent me or any other person from filing suit or making any other legal claim arising out of or related to my membership or participation in Manchester Ski Club activities. I, nevertheless, enter into this agreement freely and voluntarily and agree that it is binding upon relatives, my heirs, administrators, executors, legal representatives and me.
  4. While it would be impossible to list all prohibited conduct, the following standards are reasonable and necessary for proper conduct for members and guests at any Manchester Ski Club activity. I acknowledge that the Manchester Ski Club will not tolerate the following actions and have the right to revoke my Manchester Ski Club membership if I do not comply with the code of conduct during Manchester Ski Club activities.
    1. Any act in violation of federal, state, county or local, civil or penal laws or statues. i. Any use or possession of narcotics or illegal drugs while attending a Manchester Ski Club
      1. activity or while staying at the Manchester Ski Club lodge
      2. Any act of providing alcoholic beverages to club members, family members or guests under the legal drinking age during Manchester Ski Club activities or while staying at the Manchester Ski Club lodge
      3. Any act that may create a dangerous situation, such as possessing a weapon or verbally, physically, or sexually assaulting another individual at a Manchester Ski Club activity or while staying at the Manchester Ski Club lodge.
    2. Any act of dishonesty, theft, or misappropriation of the Manchester Ski Club, member or guest’s property.
    3. Any issuance of a check or monies transacted to the Manchester Ski Club or its agents, that is returned for insufficient funds that is not rectified within 30 days.
    4. Any use of the Manchester Ski Club name, logo or reputation for personal gain. e) Any actions or behaviors that will in any way reflect poorly on the public image of the Manchester Ski Club.

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